Compression: The Basics.

This weeks post begins a series of articles that look at the basics of audio engineering practices and the equipment used to carry them out. This article is designed for those completely new to using compressors and want to get an idea of what compression is and how it works. So, let's begin!  What Is … Continue reading Compression: The Basics.


Tips and Tricks: Keeping Organised In Your DAW

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Christmas 2017 has been and gone and with it, the relentless Christmas tunes, manic spending and the minefield of shredded wrapping paper littering the floor. Before 2017's end, I released an article detailing some of the changes we were making to our blog in the new year. To kick these changes into gear, this … Continue reading Tips and Tricks: Keeping Organised In Your DAW

2017 – A Recap of this year’s projects at Sprogglet Studios.

This article is a recap of all the projects that we have been apart of and I want to say a big thank you to all of our clients for believing in us and trusting us with your music and sound and secondly, thank you to all those who support us and continue to take interest in what we do!

UPDATE: We Are Making Some Changes In The New Year!

Hi everyone! No doubt you are looking forward to the Christmas season and the new year. Well. So am I and Sprogglet Studios is going to be introducing some new things for the new year and changes to what we currently do! Since Sprogglet Studios officially unveiled in the middle of this year (2017), I have … Continue reading UPDATE: We Are Making Some Changes In The New Year!

Pebbles – Behind The Mix P2: Guitars, Bass and Vocals

Over the past 3 months Sprogglet Studios has been very busy, from creating sound design for an animation created by Frankimation, remix and master of The Perfect Escapes EP and many more. (More on that in the week) This week we are going to take a look into the mixing process behind guitars, bass and … Continue reading Pebbles – Behind The Mix P2: Guitars, Bass and Vocals

Lights, Camera, Elephants! A look into Faraji! An animation with a lot to say on the state of Elephants

"The topic I wanted to highlight with my film was the brutality and inhumanity of the ivory trade, along with the abuse of elephants in the tourism industry. Hopefully my short-film will raise some awareness of these issues. I was nominated for and won the award of best stop-motion animation at the end of year show for University of South Wales." Frankie Cook, Faraji Animator/Creator