Sprogglet Studios offers a variety of services to suit your needs. We feel that it is important to provide affordable high-quality services the bring out the best in your project. Our services include:

  • Mixing: Using industry standard DAW’s and Plugins, we will mix your songs to a professional standard. We provide Dynamics and Effects Processing from software by Waves, Fabfilter and more, Precise Audio Cleanup and Repair, Stereo Placement and more. We can also mix your EP and Album. Click here for prices
  • Mastering: Give your songs that final touch for release, with precision EQ, Multi-Band Compression, Limiting and Loudness Maximisation to get your mixes ready for CD and Streaming. We can also master your EP and Album. Click here for prices
  • Audio Repair and Cleanup: Removal of unwanted artefacts such as hiss, hum, pops and clicks and non-extreme clipping. Perfect for spoken word, radio, film dialogue, poorly recorded instruments and podcasts. Click here for prices

We also provide additional services and bundles:

  • Drum Sample Replacement/Mixing: Drums sounding terrible? Not a problem! We can replace kicks, snares and toms with our professional drum samples. If you don’t want to fully replace your recorded drums, we can mix in samples to add more ‘Oomph’ and weight to your rhythm section.
  •  Drum Editing and Quantisation: Have you recorded drums but get frustrated when they slightly slip out of time? Or do you not have the time to go through every single drum track and clean up all the drums and get them matched to the grid? Well, Sprogglet Studios can go through all your drum stems, separating each hit, placing them in time and tightening the performance whilst removing unpleasant artefacts and unnecessary sound.
  • Short Film Stereo Mixing (40 minutes maximum): We understand the time-consuming task of spotting audio into a film. If you have the sounds, we can put them into your film and mix it so that the audio sits just right with your motion picture.

For more information on our additional services, click here