Mastering Rates

Mastering – £20 Per Song

Mastering is a vital part of the music production process and is what helps your music stand alongside all the commercial music you listen to on CD, Spotify, YouTube etc.

Sprogglet Studios offers high-quality mastering to give your music that final touch, by not only making it louder but dynamically rich and clearer. This service is an affordable alternative to very high-cost mastering. We 100% recommend using a dedicated mastering house provided you have the budget as they will be able to do much more especially when it comes to ISRC and artwork encoding along with other data management. But, if you are just looking for release quality then look no further.

What’s included?

  • Fabfilter Pro Q: Precise EQ to make sure your mix is clear and translates well across multiple systems
  • Waves and Fabfilter Pro Multiband Compression: Compression across the frequency range to add punch, depth and balance between bands.
  • Limiting and Loudness Maximisation: True Peak limiting and Maximization to prevent your mix from clipping and be the appropriate level for your format of choice (CD/Streaming).
  • 1 Free Revisions
  • High-Quality Audio File Print: Wav. and MP3 Files

Extra Info! 

Additional Revisions: Additional revisions incur a fee of £5 per revision.

EP Mastering (5 Songs) – £80 

If you are interested in our EP mastering service, you can get 5 songs for the price of 4! All songs get the same treatment as the standalone mastering service.

Extra Info!

Additional Revisions: 2 free revisions. Additional revisions beyond the first 2 will incur a £5 fee for each song revision.

Additional Songs: All extra tracks to be mastered will be an extra £20 each.

Album Mastering (10 Songs) – £180

If you have an Album, we are more than happy to master it for you! You will receive 5 free revisions and all the professional treatment as seen in the standalone mastering service.

Additional Revisions: £5 per song per additional revision after first 5.

Additional Tracks: Any additional songs will be an extra £30 per song. 10 songs is a lot to master already so any extra will extend the length of time for us to complete your album.

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