Mixing Rates

Mixing – £40 (per song)

Are you a Solo artist? In a band and really need to release a song, EP or Album? We can cater to whatever your needs are, be it a demo, fully produced song, live recording or instrumental. Mixing is a very crucial stage to your music production to prepare the songs for mastering and release.

What’s Included?

All mixes have different needs in order to bring the best out of them, but as standard, we will do the following:

    • High-Quality Dynamics Processing – Advanced EQ, Compression, De-Essing, Gating and more.
    • Industry Standard Time Based Effects – Spacious Reverbs, Dynamic/Tape Delays to add space and depth to your song.
    • Audio Cleanup and Repair – If needed or requested we will endeavour to remove any hum, hiss and pops and clicks. We can even treat mild clipping too! We understand that not all things are recorded in high-end studios and whilst we encourage you to get the best sound at the source, there’s no reason a hissy bass should ruin your track.
    • 2 Free revisions – Review your track and allow us to make any appropriate changes you require. Additional reviews will incur a charge of £5 per review.
    • Printed Lossless and Compressed File – With your mix completed, we will send you a lossless Wav. and Mp3 file.

Extra Info!

25 Stem Maximum: Each mix must have up to 25 stems. If your mix has more than 25 for example, then for every 5 stems over, an additional £5 will be added.

Drum Sample Replacement: If you do not feel that your drum recordings are up to scratch, we can replace or mix your drums with high-quality samples for an additional £15.

Additional Revisions: For every revision after the 2 free revisions, a fee of £5 per revision is added.

EP Mixing – £160 (5 Songs)

We understand that EP’s are a popular choice among musicians when releasing new music and as such we have this affordable bundle where you get 5 songs for the price of 4.

The EP bundle includes everything in the standard mix service with a few extras.

  • 5 Mix Reviews – Your EP is a big deal, so we want to make sure you are happy with every mix. Whilst it shouldn’t take 5 reviews to make your mix awesome, it doesn’t hurt to have that peace of mind.
  • Mixed To Format – It’s not just CD that fans can hear your music. Upon request, we will mix your song to comply with the LUFS (Loudness Units Full Scale) standard for streaming (-14LU) and radio (-24LU).
  • Drum Sample Mixing/Replacement – For an additional £40, we can sample replace all your drum tracks in each song. (If you don’t require the whole EP to be sample replaced, price can be altered to suit needs)

Extra Info!

Additional Stems Per Song: An additional charge of £5 will be added for every 5 stems over 25 per song. More stems mean more attention to detail and more time involved in your project.

Additional Songs: Typically, an EP is no more than 5 songs, but in the case that you do have slightly more, for each additional song, a charge of £30 per song is added. Extra songs mean a lot more extra time putting in the necessary work to bring your songs to their full potential.

Additional Revisions: If you request any further reviews beyond the given 5, an additional £5 is added per song review.

Album Mixing – £350 (10 Songs)

This bundle gives you everything in the previous two services at no extra cost! This is a bargain!

  • High-Quality Dynamics and Effects Processing 
  • Audio Cleanup and Repair
  • Drum Sample Replacement – This is included. Just let us know if you want this!
  • Printed Lossless Wav. file with additional MP3’s
  • Unlimited Revisions – Due to the scale of albums from recording, mixing and mastering, we will endeavour to get your album right as long as it takes. You are investing a lot into an album and we want to invest a lot in your music!
  • Unlimited Stems

Extra Info!

Additional Tracks: Your album is already quite big at 10 songs, but if you have more songs you want to be mixed, then an additional £40 per song is charged.


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